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Shandong – the largest environmental protection industry market in China!
Shandong Province is situated in the eastern part of China on the lower reaches of the Yellow River. With a GDP of 5.46843 trillion Yuan (US$820 billion) in 2013, Shandong ranks the third in China. Shandong Province established and performed the strictest environmental standard system in China, keeping sustainable improvement of environment quality while the economy remains at a rapid growth. Consequently, Shandong has become the largest environmental protection industry market in China. It is estimated that only the investment on air pollution prevention and control filed will reach to CNY395.5 billion Yuan during 2013 to 2015. The International Exhibition on Green Industry, as an efficient communication platform supported by Shandong government, presents huge opportunities to share the environmental protection market in Shandong and China!
Shandong Green Industry Exhibition – your best way to access Shandong market!
Since 2004, Shandong government has successfully held 5 sessions of International Exhibition on Green Industry biennially. Approximately 3000 companies and organizations from 24 countries participated the fair, such as Korea, Japan, America, Canada, France, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong and Chinese Taiwan, with accumulated 62,000 professional visitors and around 10,000 draft agreements been signed. More than 60 chief leaders from the People's Government of Shandong Province, Ministry of Environmental Protection the People's Republic of China, United States Department of Commerce, Korea Ministry of Environment and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) etc. attended the fair. By means of Green Exhibition, Shandong Province has built long-term environmental protection cooperation mechanism with organizations of Korea and Japan etc.
Exhibition Ranges
  • Air pollution control fields: technologies, facilities, products and service related to flue gas desulphurization, de-NOX, dust control and removal, VOCs treatment, vehicle exhaust control areas;
  • Water environment protection fields: technologies, facilities, products and service related to wastewater treatment engineering, sludge treatment and utilization, water quality purification in wetland etc.
  • Integrated environment solutions fields: technologies, facilities, products and service related to environment emergency and monitoring, environment engineering design and construction, environment projects operation and management, soil protection and ecology restoration, solid waste treatment and utilization, noise reduction/sound insulation, comprehensive management of rural environment etc.
  • Energy-saving and comprehensive utilization fields: technologies, facilities, products and service related to energy conservation and efficiency management, clean combustion, energy comprehensive utilization, renewable energy, cleaner production etc.
  • Environmentally sound fields: including green construction material, green home appliances and furniture, green agricultural products.
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